Recycling, upcycling even supercycling - call it what you will - the re-use and re-purpose of our "stuff" is a brilliant way to give objects continued life.

Here are a few truly beautiful examples I've come across lately.  Thanks to sustainable interior design weblog the Interior Revolution and Inhabitat for these links.

Benoit Vieubled’s “terre à l’endroit, terre à l’envers“ is a gorgeous way to re-use old globes, so quickly out of date.

Information desk

Recycled books used to construct the library desk in Delft's University of Technology.
Image © Ellen Forsyth

Gilles Eichenbaum's lamps made from found objects are nothing short of stunning.
There's something wonderfully surreal about the objects he uses, like this teapot and flan dish.

Or this old telephone and top hat.  Brilliant stuff.

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