Greenhouse by Joost - Are Eco Designers the New Rock Stars?

I'd say yes.  Perhaps it's my age but I'm finding this new breed of young ecologically minded designers damn hot.
Just being in Greenhouse made me want to jump on the spot screaming.  It's brilliance is infectious, I'm not the only person who feels this way.

greenhouse - rooftop

For the last few weeks, the Greenhouse has been operating as a fully sustainable cafe and bar in its prime position opposite the Opera House.  This beautiful structure made from three shipping containers is the brains of Dutch born Melburnian, architect and creative genius Joost Bakker.

He designed the first Greenhouse back in 2008 as an exhibition and event space for Federation Square in Melbourne and a subsequent permanent construction is currently operating in Perth with over 800 visits a day.

With executive chef Matt Stone on board, (Gourmet Traveller Best New Talent 2010, 2010 Perth Restaurant of the Year for Greenhouse Perth), the concept behind the Greenhouse is simple.  Create a space from wholly recycled or recyclable materials, serve seasonal organic whole foods that are either grown on site or sourced locally and operate sustainably, producing zero waste.

Welcome to the über cafe of the future.

greenhouse - vertical strawberry pots greenhouse - imagine
greenhouse - interior walls greenhouse - window

  • The interior walls are completely clad in MgO board (magnesium oxide board) impregnated with Bio-Char which stores carbon within the walls.
  • The steel framed walls are filled with straw and the doors and windows are recyclable steel framed.
  • The toilets are Australian made Caroma Dorf and the sink above the cistern uses water from the hand wash to fill the next flush.
  • The kitchen and bathroom floors are lined with natural linoleum and the cafe floor with recycled conveyor belts.
  • The chairs are made out of old aluminium irrigation pipes and the leather used for the seats are off-cuts from a saddle makers in Ballarat.
  • Food is served on wooden boards with plantation timber cutlery.
  • Suppliers will only be able to supply fresh produce in returnable Chep crates. 
  • Fresh milk will be delivered straight from the farm in returnable stainless steel buckets and will be used to make butter, yoghurt and mozzarella cheese. 
  • A local wheat grower will provide wheat direct from the farm every week which is ground on site into fresh flour to make bread, pastries, pasta and wood fired pizza.  Oats will also be rolled fresh.
  • A wood fired oven is used the whole day; early morning for breads and pastries, pizzas and flat breads at lunch.
  • All waste from the kitchen will be organic and composted on site using a JoraForm in-vessel composter and will then be used to maintain the roof top garden.  The plantation timber cutlery can also be composted.
  • The rooftop bar serves wine from returnable kegs or barrels and beer on tap. The Gin, Rum, Vodka and Whiskey are also Australian made and owned and Hepburn Springs Mineral Water will be derived straight from the aquifer into kegs and used to make Tonic, Soda and Cola. 

greenhouse - table greenhouse - coffee
greenhouse - rooftop with bridge greenhouse - rooftop with opera house

Make sure you catch it while you can. It is due to leave Sydney for Milan at the end of March before traveling on to Berlin, Budapest and London.

Check their website for opening hours and more information.

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